In August 2018, Demon Music started to publish collector boxsets for each phases of the Hitchhiker radio series. It was the first time that the radio series was published on vinyl.

One year later, the five phases have been published (we still don’t know if the Hexagonal phase based on Eoin Colfer book will be released on vinyl). The Box sets are really great with a wonderful design, colored vinyls, sleeve notes by a diffent guests and some text written expecially by Douglas Adams’ biographer Jem Roberts….

Note that Amazon exclusive editions were avalaible (500 copies each time), the only diffence being the exclusive signed print included in the boxset. These guys signed the limited editons:

– Neil Gaiman for Primary Phase
– Paddy Kingsland for Secondary Phase
– Dirk Maggs for the Tertiary Phase
– Stephen Fry for the Quandary Phase
– Simon Jones for the Quintessential Phase

Primary Phase

Publication date : 24 Aug. 2018
3x180g heavyweight red vinyl
20 pages collector’s book
Sleeve note by Neil Gaiman
Exclusive signed print by Neil Gaiman (Exclusive Signed Edition ONLY)

Secondary Phase

Publication date : 12 Oct. 2018
3x180g heavyweight orange vinyl
20 pages collector’s book
Sleeve note by Paddy Kingsland
Exclusive signed print by Paddy Kingsland (Exclusive Signed Edition ONLY)

Tertiary Phase

Publication date : 11 Jan. 2019
3x180g heavyweight green vinyl
20 pages collector’s book
Sleeve note by Dirk Maggs
Exclusive signed print by Dirk Maggs (Exclusive Signed Edition ONLY)

Quandary Phase

Publication date : 29 March 2019
2x180g heavyweight blue vinyl
20 pages collector’s book
Sleeve Note by Stephen Fry
Exclusive signed print by Stephen Fry (Exclusive Signed Edition ONLY)

Quintessential Phase

Publication date : 28 Jun. 2019
2x180g heavyweight pink vinyl
20 pages collector’s book
Sleeve note by Simon Jones
Exclusive signed print by Simon Jones (Exclusive Signed Edition ONLY)

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