Dirk, the play written by James Goss and Arvind Ethan David while they were still in college in Cambridge, is still regularly played worldwide. The play will be shown in Southampton at Nuffield Southampton Theatres during five days, from the 30th January to the 3rd February.

The SUP Theatre Company is presenting the play. SUP is an award-winning community theatre group affiliated to the University of Southampton.

For the production manager, “It’s been great fun getting Douglas Adams’ weird and wonderful characters from the page to the stage, and the whole team now is missing only one element, but it’s the most important one: the audience.”

The play is directed by Lorraine Biddecombe : “There is so much going on in this production – much like Douglas Adams’ writing! We are using a large screen for animation and film, we have magic tricks, time travel – and even a full-scale dance number! What more could audiences want? ” (read more about her here)

Paul Cresser play Dirk. He describes himself as “a huge Douglas Adams fan – and we want to make sure that we do justice to him. Everyone involved is giving 100 percent. For me, that means making sure I capture the essence of the character and that I get his rather long and complicated speeches and explanations spot-on.”

Philip de Grouchy plays Professor Chronotis : Despite knowing little about Galaxy Guiding and Star Trekking – I am more of the ‘Dick Barton’ generation (not that I listened to him much either, I preferred reading ‘Biggles’), I am greatly enjoying my role in ‘Dirk Gently’ as Professor ‘Reg’ Chronotis.” (read more about him here)

Paul Jones is Richard Mc Duff : “The character has been a bit of a challenge for me, mainly talking about Schrodinger’s Cat and computer jargon – but I hope I can play the part well and keep everyone entertained!” (read more about him here)

Chris Aland plays Perkins but also other characters : “I am also doubling up as a Groom at a wedding, a university Don, and taking part in a ‘delightful’ song and dance routine – which for pleasure I can say is only seconded by intrusive dental surgery.” (read more about him here)

To book, go to: https://www.nstheatres.co.uk/whats-on/dirk-gentlys-holistic-detective-agency/book

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