Arvind Ethan David, who co-wrote when “Dirk, the play” with James Goss in the early nineties, has since been working on the Dirk Gently Comics and the Netflix-BBC America TV series “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” that lasted two seasons.

On the 21th February 2020, Arvind Ethan David sent a newsletter to the Dirk Gently fans with news about a new project and an auction:

“Dear Dirktectives,

The three years and two seasons of making Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency remain the happiest, most challenging and rewarding of my professional life.

When the show was cancelled after two seasons, the sadness was cushioned somewhat by the indefatigable, ineffable love of you: the fandom.

In the time since, we’ve been planing and plotting a way to get Dirk back in our homes – and we have now arrived at a definite (maybe) plan (sort-of).”

About “Dirk Gently: The Animated Series“, he writes:

“We’ve spent the last year interviewing writers, discussing with creatives, brainstorming, and ideating what an animated version of Dirk Gently means.

We’re delighted to be able to tell you that we now have a lead writer and experienced and wonderful animation show-runner.
Things are written, meetings are set, and people are excited…

There is no series order or production commitment yet – the next step is working up storylines and character designs, but we are hard at work.
For every day you continue to reach out and ask about Dirk’s future, know that we have not lost hope.”

And he announed also the begining of the auction of “Dirk Gently” TV series items.

“Since animated characters draw their own clothing, we’ve decided to hold an auction to support some very important causes, and more importantly, give this show back to all of you…

Hosted by Profiles in History, the auction is NOW LIVE for registration and pre-bids with final sales and auctions in real time on March 12th @ 11 am PST.

(That means if you’d like to bid on March 12th, you must register now!)”

You can register for the auction by clicking here

This auction is a way to let each of you own a piece of the show for real, to hold in your hands what you already hold in your hearts.

Looking through this beautiful catalogue here – I am transported back to the delight of creation, back when we were dreaming up all this absurd and wonderful stuff, has astonishingly transformed even our most ludicrous ideas into palpable reality.

I’m also delighted that 42% of our auction proceeds will be donated to Save the Rhino International (RIP Pepe, you are not forgotten) to continue protecting endangered rhinos and to The Trevor Project to help further their mission of aiding LGBTQ youth during times when they need it the most.

From Dirk’s beloved jackets to Todd’s winning lotto ticket, there’s something to suit every Dirk fan, with all lots starting at $25. Some items that we can’t wait to see go to loving homes include the Everbulb, Todd’s Mexican Funeral T-shirt, and the infamous Panic Pete.


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