Deadline published the news earlier today. H2G2 will come back on TV sceens thanks to American  streaming service Hulu.

“Hulu is developing a TV series adaptation of the novels from prolific showrunner Carlton Cuse (Lost, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Locke & Key) and feature writer Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman, Ice Age: Continental Drift)….Cuse and Fuchs, both fans of the iconic title, will write, executive produce and showrun the proposed series, a modern updating of the classic story now in development at Hulu via ABC Signature and Cuse’ Genre Arts. Fuchs is writing the pilot script.”

The news have been echoed on many websites (i09, Variety, The Verge,…) but we don’t have a release date or any news about the casting. It’s safe to say that the project is still in its infancy. We can also wonder if it will be faithfull to the Douglas Adams radio series and books. Should we fear that it will become something quite different like the recent Dirk Gently’s TV adaptations made by BBC Four (2010-12) and BBC America/Netflix (2016-17). Well, H2G2 popularity is largely based on its beloved characters, on its zanny and witty sense of humour and incredible dialogs so you can’t take as much freedom with it than with the lesser-known Dirk Gently. But I’m sure we can’t expect a straightforward adaptation. In the article, Deadline writes about “a modern updating” of H2G2 – which can seems a bit weird as H2G2 is science-fiction!

I must say that personally i’m a bit afraid by the lack of past experience of the showrunner and main writer with british humour. H2G2 is not just another geeky book you can adapt on TV for a quick profit. You can’t take the absurdity out from H2G2 because without it, it’s simply not H2G2.

I can’t wait to read the first interviews of Cue and/or Fuchs about the project to know more about their project and the choices they will have to make. Maybe they will be inspired by recent adaptations of Neil Gaiman’s work: “American Gods” and the more humouristic “Good Omens”. But this last one was co-produced by the BBC, which is not the case here.

A lot of Hitchhiker fans were hoping for a come back of the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on the TV screens since the disappointing reception of the movie released in 2005. The huge success of Doctor Who comeback on the BBC the same year made the fans thought that sooner or later, the BBC would want to remake the TV series. But finally, it will be produced by a US company owned by Disney (which makes me believe that 14 years after the movie was released, Disney still owns the rights of H2G2 !).

H2G2 first aired as a radio show in 1978 on Radio 4. It has been adapted for the small screen three years later by the BBC. This TV adaptation has gained a cult status thanks to the incedible book graphics designed by Rod Lord. Only six episodes has been made, partly because of Douglas Adams disagreement with the director of the TV series. Douglas then went on to pursue his dream to bring H2G2 to the cinema screen but sadly passed away in 2001, aged only 49 years old.


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