Here are some news of the upcoming Hulu H2G2 TV series! GWW (Geeks WorldWide) have exclusively learned the following:

– “Production is set to start this summer in Elstree Studios, United Kingdom” -> So the H2G2 new series will be made in UK in the same studio than the H2G2 movie. It also means that most of the cast will probably be british

– “You’ll need to wait a bit longer to see it though, because the show is premiering next year, 2021” -> well it’s quicker than what i was expecting. When we first learnt about the TV series last summer, there was just an announcemnet about the showrunner (Carlton Cuse) and main writer (Jason Fuchs). Things still seemed in the very early stage. It seems now that the pilot (at least) has already been written and greenlit

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ will air exclusively on Hulu in the United States, with it being distributed internationally by FOX -> It will be probably avalaible on Disney new VOD platform but not from the sart. Internationally, does it mean that the TV series will be distributed in the same way than other FOX TV series. It seems so.

Director Morten Tyldum (‘Headhunters,’ ‘The Imitation Game’) is set to direct -> A director is named. Is just for the first episode or will he direct the whole series (which would mean that the first season will be relatively short) ? Tyldum is a norwegian director who is working now internationally. In UK, he made “The Imitation Game” (2014) and in US the space romance “Passengers” (2016). Two average movies that lack a personal directing touch (his last norwegian movie, “Headhunters” in 2011, was much better). Interestingly Tyldum should direct soon “Pattern Recognition” based on a William “cyberpunk” Gibson book (but the movie will be probably postponed due to the series or he will leave the project). Note also that he direct for Amazon the pilot of “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”.

This show will not be a limited series, because there are multiple seasons planned.” -> Not a mini series then. Will they anyway start with just a pilot or will they order a full first series straightaway?


Of course we have still a lot of questions about the new TV show. The 2005 movie divided the fans and was criticized for not being faithful enough to the books. There is a big chance that the series will take even more liberties with the original stories written by Douglas Adams, a bit like the Dirk Gently TV series made by BBC America and Netflix.

Note that there is now a page on IMDB about the TV series but it’s empty. It will probably be updated soon:


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