The BBC has just released a brand new edition of the beloved Hitchhiker TV series. This time, Hitchhiker comes to blu-ray. Oh, well I should say several new editions because there is a Special Edition (3 blu-rays or DVDs including one for the show, one for the extras that were already in the previous DVD edition and one totally new bonus disc). And there is also a Limited Edition (with VHS packaging, a booklet written by Hitchhiker expert, Kevin Jon Davis, and a postcard).

Is it worthwhile to buy the limited edition?¬†Well, i love the VHS design, the booklet is great, and the postcard well it features a nice design (the design on the special edition !). They could have made a bigger booklet (Kevin has so much to say about Hitchhiker) and they could have inserted some postcards of the actual show… So, my answer is yes, but the BBC could have made a bigger effort for the fans here.

Don’t expect too much regarding image quality despite. According to the BBC it has been remastered. But the quality of the image doesn’t seem to have been restored so you’ve got the same image quality than on the previous DVD. Yeah, i know it’s a shame.

The real bonus is in the third disc which contains brand new material selected by Kevin Jon Davies.

Here is the list of bonuses:

Extras (with Play All) (139:10)
– “The Making of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” 1993 documentary (58:36)
– “Don’t Panic!” Amateur Video From: Slartibartday ’81 A Convention for the Fans London, August 8th 1981 (26:04)
– “Communicate!” Rehearsal footage for radio series (10:29)
– “Behind the Scenes” featurette (7:20)
– “Pebble Mill at One (Alan Bell and Rod Lord)”” featurette (6:36)
– Deleted Scene Episode 2 (2:13)
– “Tomorrow’s World” Sequence (2:28)
– Out-takes Blooper Reel (9:15)
– Peter Jones Introduction (8:29)
– Trailers & Continuities (2:48)
– “Explosion of Earth” featurette (0:45)
– Unused Titles (0:39)
– “Heart of Gold” featurette (3:28)

“Mostly Hand-Drawn” animated sequences (30:59)
“Life, the Universe and Clapperboards: Live Action Film Extracts” featurette (24:00)
Extra (with Play All) (145:11)
– “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Recorded at the End of the Universe” featurette (25:04)
– “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Writing Hitchhiker’s” featurette (15:28)
– Trailer for “Radio Times” (1:26)
– Open Door: The Sound of Love (Douglas Adams, 1980) (5:07)
– Douglas Adams on Nationwide (1980) (3:31)
– Marvin in on Blue Peter (1980) (3:17)
– Douglas Adams on Paperbacks (1981) (6:12)
– The Sound of Sypher (1980) (14:29)
– Saturday Review (Douglas Adams, 1985) (9:32)
– Douglas Adams on Micro Live (1985) (5:56)
– Simon Jones on BBC Breakfast (2012) (4:57)
– Ten Short Films (29:53)
– Tertiary Phase Trailer (6:16)
– Marvin and Zen (5:31)
– Quandary & Quintessential Phases Trailer (5:47)
– Hexagonal Phase Trailer (2:42)


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