If you bought a ticket for the upcoming Hitchhikiker event at the British Library, you certainly got the email (at last!) with the detailed program for the day (thanks to Kevin Davies for sharing on facebook). If you haven’t your ticket yet, sadly the event is sold out.

Note that if you’re in London, the official fan club ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha also organizes a walk on Saturday 7h March.

If you’re not in London, BBC Radio 4 Extra will broadcast H2G2 related stuff on Sunday evening, which will start at 8 PM (UK time), including a repeat of the first series. Full details here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000g55m/episodes/guide

Note also that other evens in other parts of the world may or may not  be listed here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1870166486630646/ 


On March 7th 2020, at 13:00 ZZ9 are hosting a Douglas Adams related walk to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Hitchhiker’s with a meet-up at The Owl & Hitchhiker pub.

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1344544805746482/


Here are the full details for the day:

Date: Sunday 8 March

Where: The Knowledge Centre, The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB

11.30 Venue open

12.00 – 12.45 We Apologise for the Inconvenience (An infinitely improbable play about Douglas Adams).
It’s 1984 and Douglas Adams is in trouble. Famously bad with deadlines, Adams has been sequestered away to a London hotel by his publisher to finish his new book, which is already months late. But with a whole universe of distractions – including a talking plastic duck who seems to know a worrying amount about him – finishing the book seems infinitely improbable…
A play by Mark Griffiths for 5064 Productions. Cast: Adam Gardiner and Rob Stuart-Hudson.

13.00 – 14.00 Theatre of the Absurd? The Hitch Hikers Guide on Stage
With Mike Cule, Richard Hope, David Learner, Cindy Oswin and Jonathan Petherbridge. Chaired by Kevin Jon Davies.
Celebrating the extraordinary early theatre versions of 1979 – 80 created by Ken Campbell at the ICA and, infamously, at The Rainbow Theatre, and by Theatr Clwyd.

14.15 – 14.20 A Special Presentation by Peter Kazansky, Professor of Photonics and Nanoelectronics at Southampton University and Ian Cooke Head of Contemporary British Published Collections, the British Library.

14.20– 15.15 Douglas Adams: The Man and his Galaxy
With Dirk Maggs, John Lloyd, and James Thrift. Chaired by Dick Fiddy.

15.45 – 16.30 Stand Up for Towel Day presents… a Comedy Tribute to The Hitchhikers Guide
Hoopy frood Rachel Wheeley and her towel host a comedy tribute to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Comedian Steve Cross has read Hitchhiker more closely than any of you and in this award-winning performance he will prove it by using the book for a deep scientific analysis of the truth about Douglas Adams and the source of his ideas. Plus The Story Beast, poetry from towel day laureate Cerys Bradley and rising star Katie Overstall and fan fiction from Declan Kennedy and Jonathan Hearn.

17.00 – 18.15 All Star reading of Episode 2
The second episode of the first radio series is one of the best, and features most of the key characters. Our reading, directed by Daisy Campbell, is given by actors who have previously played these parts on the radio, TV, record or stage. Followed by a Q&A.
With Mitch Benn, Jon Culshaw, Mike Cule, Richard Hope, Sandra Dickinson, David Learner, Toby Longworth, Cindy Oswin and Neil Sleat. Directed by Daisy Campbell. Music by Philip Pope

19.30 Bar closes

Event MC Toby Longworth
Consultant Producer Kevin Jon Davies
A bookstall featuring special 42nd anniversary editions of the radio scripts and Douglas Adams’ novels will be open all day.
With support by Pan Macmillan.
Thanks to Curtis Brown, the BFI, 5064 Productions, Newham Books, Stand Up For Towel Day and all other supporters of the event.

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