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Dear Hoppy Froods


“Life, DNA & H2G2” (aka douglasadams.eu) is the merger of all my previous Douglas Adams and H2G2 related websites (Douglas Adams : A renaissance man / H2G2movie / H2G2 radio series).

I’ve been a huge Douglas Adams fan for more than twenty years. I first discovered the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books when I was a teenager. I adapted the original BBC radio series in french in 1995. And I was lucky enough to be a guest during the shooting of the movie, and the recording of the new radio series.

I launched my first website (in French) about Douglas Adams and H2G2 in 2001, a few days after Douglas’ death. Two years later, I launched H2G2movie.com, the first unofficial website about the Hitchhiker’s movie (this time in English). Several websites followed but I merged them in this one website. Now I’ve introduced a new design and added yet some content.

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish,

Nicolas Botti (March 2016)