Douglas Adams by Jill Furmanovsky

Douglas Adams by Jill Furmanovsky

Dear Hoppy Froods


“Life, DNA & H2G2” (aka is the merger of all my previous Douglas Adams and H2G2 related websites (Douglas Adams : A renaissance man / H2G2movie / H2G2 radio series).

I’ve been a huge Douglas Adams fan for more than twenty years. I first discovered the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books when I was a teenager. I adapted the original BBC radio series in french in 1995. And I was lucky enough to be a guest during the shooting of the movie, and the recording of the new radio series.

I launched my first website (in French) about Douglas Adams and H2G2 in 2001, a few days after Douglas’ death. Two years later, I launched, the first unofficial website about the Hitchhiker’s movie (this time in English). Several websites followed but I merged them in this one website. Now I’ve introduced a new design and added some new content.

I try to keep this website updated as there has been serveral Douglas Adams related projects these last few years: the Dirk Gently TV series (2016), the H2G2 radio series Hexagonal Phase (2018) and now the upcoming Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy TV series (2020?)

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish,

Nicolas Botti (JULY 2019)