All the special features you really don’t want to miss.

Thanks to these extra features, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy and Douglas Adams, and probably more!



• 4th December 2017: Interview with Dirk Maggs about the Hitchhiker Hexagonal Phase

• 26th January 2010: Interview with Rod Lord, the genius who made the Hitchhiker TV graphics

• 11th April 2008: Interview with Frank Halford,Douglas’ teacher (yes, the famous one who gave him a ten out of ten!)

• 3rd October 2007: Excusive interview with Dirk Maggs director of the new Dirk Gently radio series

• 6th January 2007: A Dirk post mortem for the US play by Scot Burklin

• 29th September 2006: Exclusive pics from the US premiere of DIRK

• 30th August 2006: Exclusive interview with Scot Burklin & Jeff Griffith from The Road Theatre Company (Los Angeles), the guys who staged the US premiere of DIRK

• 26th January 2005: The new H2G2 radio series recoding sessions visit report

• 26th January 2005: Interview with Dirk Maggs, writer and director of the new H2G2 radio series – Part 2

• 11 June 2005: Interview with Garth Jennings , director of the Hitchhiker’s movie

• 18th September 2004: The “Tertiary Phase” (H2G2 radio series) Wrap Party Report by Kevin Davies

• 08th August 2004: Exclusive Interview with Kevin Davies, An Hitchhiker’s Legend!

• 22 July 2004: My visit to the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy movie set : The complete and (almost) uncensored truth!

• 13th December 2003: Interview with Stephen Moore, alias Marvin (in the TV and radio series)!

• 1st December 2003: Interview with Dirk Maggs, writer and director of the new H2G2 radio series – Part 1

• 16th November 2003: Interview with Adam Shaikh, lead designer on Starship Titanic

• 3rd September 2003: Interview with Nick Webb, Douglas’ friend and author of “Wish you were here – the Official biography”

• 28 April 2003: Interview with Robbie Stamp, Executive producer of the Hitchhiker’s Movie and Good friend of Douglas Adams

• 29th February 2003 : Interview with Roger Gregg, alias Eddie the Computer

• 28th October 2002 : Interview with Rick Mueller, director of “Life, the universe and Douglas Adams”

• 11th May 2002 : Interview with MJ Simpson, Douglas Adams’s biographer