SFX celebrates Hitchhiker’s Guide 40th Anniversary

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with SFX issue 298. Marvin the paranoid android is the cover star. Inside, you’ll find 17 pages of coverage celebrating the whole 40-year phenomenon.

Dirk Gently, the play shown in Southampton

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, the play, will be shown in Southampton at Nuffield Southampton Theatres during five days, from the 30th January to the 3rd February.

Dirk Gently on BBC America : big news !

Thanks to two recent big news, we now know a lot more about the upcoming Dirk Gently TV series that will be broadcast on BBC America. The TV series, penned by Max Landis, will consist of eight episodes The broadcast should begin in fall 2016 Elijah Wood (Lord of the...

Douglas Adams’ mother dies

Douglas Adams' mother, Janet Thrift, died yesterday the 24th February 2016. Douglas was 5 years old when his mother and his father (Christopher Adams) divorced. Douglas stayed with his mother and his younger sister, Sue. Janet worked as a nurse in the local hospital....

Dirk Gently is back on BBC… America !

We knew that Arvind Ethan David, a long time fan of Douglas Adams, and co-creator of "Dirk", the play adaption of the first Dirk Gently back in 1992, was working on a brand new adaptation of Dirk Gently on TV, this time with Max Landis as the main writer (the 2010 TV...