Happy Towel Day all! This is a very special Towel Day due to the COVID-19 health crisis but that’s obviously a good reason to carry your towel everywhere today. Don’t hesitate to wrap it around your head if you don’t have your face mask, or to use it to ward off those who don’t respect barrier gestures.

Though there are fewer events than usual for Towel Day, it doesn’t mean that nothing happens today. Have a look at Towelday.org website to have a look at the day’s events. Of course most of them are online, notably, the now well known Stand Up for Towel Day event.

At 12:30 UTC it’s time for Stay in for Towel Day 2020! This year’s programme, adapted for live streaming, is organised this year with one of Douglas Adams favorite charities “Save the Rhino”:

13:30 BST – Rachel Wheeley Escapes from Hitchhiker’s Hell PART ONE
14:30 BST – H2g2 Text Game Play Through
16:00 BST – Rachel Wheeley Escapes from Hitchhiker’s Hell PART TWO
17:00 BST – The Rhino who climbed Kilimanjaro
18:00 BST – Virtual Douglas Adams tour of Islington
18:30 BST – Arvind Ethan David – The Book That Changed My Life – Q&A
19:00 BST – The Quiz at the End of the Universe
20:00 BST – Rachel Wheeley – Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mix-Along
20:10 BST – Stece Cross – Investigative Journalism
20:20 BST – Angus Dunican – Entry from the Guide ‘Other People’
20:30 BST – Katie Overstall & The Story Beast – Vogon Poetry
21:00 BST – Declan Kennedy & Jonathan Hearn – Fan Fiction
21:15 BST – Musical performance from Mitch Benn
Time: New York 08:30 am, Los Angeles 05:30 am, Paris: 14:30 pm, London 13:30 pm,…

Links: Facebook event

Live link: https://tiltify.com/@savetherhinointl/save-the-rhino-international-virtual-events