Incredible but true : the CD will be avalaible at the end of the months, but Itunes (Apple online music store) already features the complete soundtrack record with 33 songs. Joby Talbot has wrote of course most of them and you’ve got other songs by Betty Wright and Al Green. You’ve got instrumental music and vocal songs. The more amazing one is “Reasons to be miserable” sung by Stephen Fry! This is a reprise of one of the old Marvin’s songs sung by Stephen Moore (the original Marvin in the radio and TV series) which were released in 1981.

You can go on Itunes and listen to extracts of all the songs. Or download some tracks or the whole record for a good price. To go on Itunes, you need to download the free program on Apple (for Apple OS X and Windows 2000 and XP). Then go on the online shop once installed and search for ‘Hitchhiker’s guide” in your local online shop (there are several versions of Itunes store according the country you live in).

1 “The Dolphins”(1:00) Joby Talbot
2 “So Long & Thanks for All the Fish” (2:26) Hilary Summers, Kemi Ominiyi & The R’SVP Voices
3 “Arthur Wakes Up” (2:53) Joby Talbot
4 “Shoo-Rah! Shoo-Rah!” (2:51) Betty Wright
5 “Here I Am (Come and Take Me)” (4:13) Al Green
6 “Destruction of Earth” (1:31) Joby Talbot
7 “Journey of the Sorcerer” (1:15) Joby Talbot
8 “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (1:14) Joby Talbot
9 “Inside the Vogon Ship” (2:46) Joby Talbot
10 “Vogon Poetry” (0:48) Joby Talbot
11 “Space” (1:00) Joby Talbot
12 “Vogon Command Centre” (1:00) Joby Talbot
13 “Trillian & Arthur Reunited” (1:45) Joby Talbot
14 “Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster” (1:40) Joby Talbot
15 “Tea In Space” (1:08) Joby Talbot
16 “Deep Thought” (2:06) Joby Talbot
17 “Infinite Improbability Drive” (0:55) Joby Talbot
18 “Viltvodle Street Music” (0:45) Joby Talbot
19 “Huma’s Hymn” (1:02) Joby Talbot
20 “Capture of Trillian” (4:27) Joby Talbot
21 “Vogcity” (1:02) Joby Talbot
22 “Love” (1:44) Joby Talbot
23 “The Whale” (1:53) Joby Talbot
24 “Planet Factory Floor” (2:29) Joby Talbot
25 “Earth Mark II” (6:29) Joby Talbot
26 “Magic Moments” (2:37) Perry Como
27 “Shootout” (3:23) Joby Talbot
28 “Finale” (1:50) Joby Talbot
29 “Blast Off” (0:16) Joby Talbot
30 “So Long & Thanks for All the Fish” (Reprise) (2:54) Neil Hannon
31 “Careless Talk” (1:42) Joby Talbot
32 “Vote Beeblebrox” (3:27) Andy Dunlop, Chuck Norman, Douglas Payne, Fran Balke, Hannah Thomas, Miggy Barradas & Neil Hannon
33 “Reasons to Be Miserable” (His Name Is Marvin) (3:37) Stephen Fry


Empire offers free screenings of the Hitchhiker’s movie on Tuesday, April 26 at Vue Cinemas around the country, two days before the official nationwide release. If you live in UK you can miss such an offer ! All details here


The incredibly hyperactive executive producer Robbie Stamp has been interviewed by AOL. You can read AOL’s article with a lot of quotes from Robbie here. There are a few new details about the movie which you certainly want to discover.


Duke of Douglasadams.se reports that the documentary “Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams”, a very good documentary made two years ago by Rick Mueeler and Joel Greengrass, and narrated by Neil Gaiman, could possibly be included on the future Hitchhiker’s movie DVD.

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