The great Rod Lord has put some new stuff on auction on ebay. This time this is no less than eleven drawings of the Babel Fish made during the preparation of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy TV series.
“I have come across a few items from the early stages of the Babel Fish sequence, the first half of which constituted the initial pilot test piece for the BBC.
These items were part of the early design process and use the initial slightly more cartoony design for the Babel Fish before I “straightened” it all up for the actual finished sequence to give a more digital feel.
This item offered for auction is a pencil drawing on animation key paper (31×25 cm) and is one of an animation of 11 turning the Babel Fish from side view to front view. There should be a number 12 but I haven’t found that yet. If I do come across it at a later date I will offer that too.
I am offering these as separate items rather than a single package with the intention of giving as wide an opportunity as possible to an interested group rather than confining ownership of all to one individual.
This will come with an accompanying authenticating letter embossed with the Pearce Studios Ltd seal.
I will sign the drawing – and the letter of course !”