WARNING : before going further, i should say that no deals have been signed yet for the casting. Even in Stephen Moore (Marvin) case. But these are strong possibilities and official wishes.

BBCi films page got the scoop : we now know who will certainly play Arthur And Slartibarfast parts. In an interview with BBCi, the british actor Bill Nighy (recently seen in “Love Actualy”) said he will play our old planet designer, Slartbibartfast.

“I’m a big fan of the book and the people who are making it are very cool people and I think they’re going to do a good job,” says Nighy. “It’s a really good script. It’s really, really faithful to the book. All the jokes are there and they’re big fat jokes. It’s wonderful. And with all the technology we have now, it can not only be a big satisfying comedy but I figure it could be quite exciting as well.”

BBCi films also reveal that an other british actor Martin Freeman (from the acclaimed BBC series “The office” and who also stared in “Love Actually”!) will play Arthur.

These are great news because these two actors are really excellents even if not terribly well known outside Great Britain.

But the BBCi article could also kill anyone with a weak heart : “Nighy also states that a director isn’t set yet, although hotshot music vid team Hammer & Tongs (aka writer-director Garth Jennings and producer Nick Goldsmith) were on board last High Noon heard”. And well i can assure you they are still on board !!

MJ Simpson, Douglas’ biographer and number one international fan, wrote on his website that “The roles of Zaphod, Trillian and Ford have also been cast but have not yet officially been announced”.
So the future could even get soon brighter.

You can get informations about Martin Freeman on his excellent and up to date official website which has been created and is maitained by one of his brother : Jamie who is also a diehard h2g2 fan as you can see with his reaction to the anouncement of his brother being involved in the movie ! Check here !