The British Daily The Guardian has published today a good and long article about the Hitchhiker’s movie. The article focuses on the struggle to get h2g2 on the screen (thanks to Perkin Jones). You can read it online here. You can also find a long interview with Robbie in this month’ Starbust. (Thanks to MJ Simpson for this news)

I also wanted to spot the first french big article about the movie. It has been published in this month’ “L’écran fantastique” (the oldest fantastic movie mag, it’s been created in 1969). It’s four page long, rather good, has quotes from Gart Jennings et Nick Goldsmith. Of course there are a few mistakes and the picture is introduced like a crossover of “Time bandits”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “Men in black” and “Galaxy quest”. It has been writen by an english journalist Andrew Osmond and the translation is sometimes erratic.


If you live in the UK you can win tickets to a preview of Hitchhiker’s guide movie the 27th April. You can win one of 200 pairs of tickets in one of 10 selected cinemas across the UK thanks to Orange. All you have to do is to answer to a very difficult question : “which author has created the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”? If you answer Arthur C. Clarke or JK Rowlins you’d better get our of here!!
If you live in the US, thanks to Matchflick, you can win passes for a promotional screening (NY only), tickets, posters, t-shirts,…


Jenz (from and Beeline (from Floor 42) were at the same movie preview than me. And they wrote their own reviews about the movie.

Jenz says that “Did I like it? Yes I did, very much. Did I laugh? Oh, yes indeed I did. Very much so…. So, was there anything disappointing about the movie? Yes, there are one or two details that I thought did not come across or should have been reconsidered in the movie, and that’s a bit sad…. In relation to this fans anticipations and hopes, which have been huge and demanding since the beginning of this project, and also considering that it was an unfinished rough cut and not the final product, I give it 3,5 bordering to 4 out of 5”.

According to Beeline “”It was simply mind-blowing! I can honestly say that I have never seen a movie that is anything even remotely approaching a similarity to Hitchhiker’s …. I won’t pretend it’s perfect (I couldn’t anyway – it was very much a rough-cut edit that the nice people at BAFTA showed us), but it would be hard to imagine how much better it could possibly be given the kind of thing Hitchhiker’s is.”


There is now an official h2g2 movie website for Poland. It’s here. And don’t forget to visit to the first Polish Hitchhiker’s website