H2G2 have published on its movie page a short behind the scenes video made at the begining of the shooting some weeks ago. Nothing to get really excited about sadly because we dont see much, but well it’s still the first video to appear on the web since the one with the Marvin prototype.

The guys who make the updates on Douglasadams.com had the luck to take some pictures on the set ! “The DouglasAdams.com webcreatures were lucky enough to scamper about the film set this week. The photos are due back from the chemist next week, so be prepared for some highly improbable impressions!”. So we just hope they didnt only took pictures of Garth’ new shoes!

As usual, MJ Simpson gives on his Magathea website some interesting info. Jerome Blake, a british actor who played in the last two Star Wars movies, will also play a Vogon Guard in the Hitcchiker’s movie. He seems to like SF a lot, ’cause he also played a part in the awful Luc Besson’s SF movie “The fifth element”. Commenting on the fact that Hitchhiker’s is being shot at Elstree, where Star Wars was made, Blake said: “When I work there I get the sense that history is creeping out of its very walls.”
And again a news from our incredible MJ : “The massively over-rated Ain’t It Cool News has a report that a scene from the HHGG movie will be filmed in Moorgate underground station this Sunday night (6th June). Allegedly the scene will be a shop full of TVs showing the destruction of Earth, with Douglas’ family among the extras.” BUT MJ adds that “anything reported only on that site should be treated with caution unless or until it is reported elsewhere. So this story may be true, partly true, or complete nonsense”… Finally it was complete nonsense !