If Altavista was the first to put online a Babel fish to help internauts to translate web pages, they are no more the only ones. The all new Yahoo introduces now a translation tool, called… Babel fish. Well most of the Yahoos do anyway. The american, english or australian yahoos don’t seem to have one. Well, they all speak english, so they don’t need anything else ! At least the canadian yahoo have a babel fish tool, but a part of the canadians speak french.

On all the Yahoo Babel fish help pages, you can read : “The Babel Fish is a creature in the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. When placed in a person’s ear, it allows him or her to understand any and all languages spoken”

Anyway here is : – the french Babel fish – the brazilian Babel fish – the italian Babel fish – the spanish Babel fish – the german Babel fish