The BBC makes a great job to celebrate the broadcast of the third radio series. The Hitchhikers Radio 4’s website is really great. And it will be even better from the 21st september, day of the first broadcast of the new episodes. This peculiar day, Radio 4’s website will feature the 20th anniversary edition of one of the most popular text adventures from the begining of the eighties. Published by Infocom in 1984, this computer based on the first book, written by Douglas Adams himself, has been a huge success.

The old game refusted to die. It’s been online on douglas adams official website, and The Digital Village even made a wap version in 1999. And now it will be revived in a enhanced version with Rod Lord, the man who made the illustrations for the book entries in the BBC TV series. According to MJ Simpson, “in addition, fans will be encouraged to submit their own illustrations to accompany the events of the game”.