There have been some great news latelty about the upcoming 6th book of H2G2 written by Eoin Colfer. First, Penguin has just distributed a few preview copies of this sixth book on Eoin Colfer’s official website. You could read on the website’s blog that “Penguin have just announced that they are releasing a strictly limited run of proofs of the first half of Eoin’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sixth instalment And Another Thing … These proofs are special in that they’re printed in newspaper form, numbered and will almost certainly be collector’s items.” You just had to send an email with your adress (you had to live in UK or Ireland!). We still don’t know who are the lucky b****ds but this a very courageous move from Penguin. They must be sure of the quality of this book if they give copies of the first half of the book three months before it’s published. Second, Hyperion Books, the american publisher of “And another thing…” is very active too. Eoin Colfer is now at the San Diego Comic Con so we should have a video of his talk about Hitchhiker quite shortly (we have already a short interview here). Hyperion which has already opened some weeks ago a page on Twitter and has now launched a mini website whith an online game where you can train as a Vogon to destroy the earth.