Macmillian will publish a book out next summer aka The Science of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, by Michael Hanlon. This book “will look at some of the key tropes in H2G2 (Time Travel, The End of The Universe, Babelfish) and see where the science really is now, and just how prescient Douglas Adams was”.

Michael Hanlon is Senior Science Commentator on the Daily Mail. He has written two books already for Constable & Robinson, “The worlds of Galileo” and one coming out in soon about Mars.
The book will be published in “Macmillan Science” collection which gather popular science books from the publishers of “Nature”.

It is of course a fantastic idea. Douglas has always been very respected by scientits like the neo-darwinist Richard Dawkins, or Stephen W Hawking (“A brief history of time”) for his bright views about Life, the Universe and Everything.