According to Lloyd Gilbert, a regular poster on the google forum, “I have it on reasonably believable authority that a colleague of a friend of mine is going to be in The Movie. She’s cast as an alien. Via the medium of emailing my friend, who then emailed his colleague, who then emailed back to my friend, who then emailed back to me, I’ve been able to ascertain the following information:
1. She doesn’t yet know what sort of alien she will be. 2. She got the part via the means of: “some scout found my info from” 3. She’ll be filming in June/July kind of time, on a set in London on Carnaby Street. 4. She’s not sure what scene(s) she will be in.

When I asked if it was OK to use her name in this posting, the reply was : “Nope no publicity please.. or you could say Bravo’s world of pain girlie does hitchhikers.. ” Which my friend translates this to mean that his colleague has been on TV before, apparently she “had a branding” done.”

It’s of course not an isolated or surprising case. Let’s remember that the shooting starts the 19th april in London. MJ Simpson, well known Douglas’ biographer and fan, has told in the same thread that “A friend of a friend of mine has been cast as a Vogon”. Wow! I really dont want to see what he looks like!