Let’s just say first how much i’m disappointed. Garth Jennings, director of the h2g2 movie, just told in a BBC Radio 1 interview that Alan Rickman, a fabulous british actor well known for some great parts of extraordinaire villains (harry potter, Robin Hood prince of thieves, Die Hard…) will be Marvin’s voice. Alan also know most of the cast as he already worked with Bill Nighy and Martin Freeman (in Love Actually. He played too with Sam Rockwell (in Galaxy Quest) and Warrick Davis (in Harry Potter)

So why I’m disappointed? I really wished Marvin’s voice was Stephen Moore (who was already Marvin’s voice in the radio and TV series)! That’s all – As promised I’ll just have probably to close the site to show my disappointment. 🙁

An other cast has been confirmed : the whale which will be played by Bill Bailey. (an other great british actor – see tv series like Black books, Spaced…). Those who were unsure about the whale being in the movie are now reassured.

Oh, and Dark Horizons has put online a great new pic featuring Zaphod, Trillian, Ford and Marvin – the pic is also in the gallery and here :

PS : all my sympathy to Duke whose site http://www.douglasadams.se has been hacked by some stupid guys. The site is now back online and the forum has been backed up a few days before. So DON’T PANIC !