Being deprived of internet access for now three weeks, I publish the news 20 days after it was revealed on Eoin Colfer’s website. Well anyway here is the cover for those who still haven’t seen it : The publication of Hitchhiker’s sixth book will be also the opportunity for new editions of the previous titles : “And Another Thing… by Eoin Colfer is published in hardback from Michael Joseph on 12th October 2009 ISBN 9780718155148, £20 New anniversary editions of Douglas Adams’ original titles will be available in paperback at £7.99 from Pan with new introductions from notable people in the Hitchhiker world, including Russell T Davies, Dirk Maggs and Terry Jones and with an afterword from Simon Brett, the original commissioner of the radio series on 4th September 2009” Well I wouldn’t say that Russel T Davies is part of the Hitchhiker world but never mind. It will be interesting to read these introductions and Simon Brett’s afterword.