Disney considers two sequels !

Today’s Financial Times reveals that “Walt Disney is considering production of two multi-million dollars sequels to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the cult satire due to be released today”. They quote Robbie Stamp who said to them that a triology was being studied following positive preview responses to the movie : “There are more books in the series and we believe there could be a really good trilogy”.

The Financial Times estimates the movie budget between $55-65m, and says it has already raised “a seven figure sum” for the estate of Mr. Adams”. Stamp also told the FT that this first movie has already “broken new grounds in online marketing” with tie-ups with Nokia, Apple, JC Decaux and interactive outdoor advertising sites.

It’s great news even if it’s not completely surprising. The three first books could indeed be a great trilogy and the last two books are probably a little too strange for Hollywood. Of course, we’ll have to wait yet to have confirmation and see if the Hitchhikers meets his audience in UK and US in the next few days.


The Financial Times also publishes a critic of the movie. Martin Hoyle from the FT is hard to pleased but he gives a 3/5 to the Hitchhiker’s movie. He thinks that the reactions to the movie will form four main categories : purists, enthusiasts, sceptics and haters (the journalist includes in that last category the ones who already hated Hitchhikers). According to him, the purists will have one big regret : “it’s not funny enough”. He adds that “the film crams in almost too much of the original leaving little time to relish the dry wit.”. Martin Hoyle likes the casting but is a little annoyed by Stephen Fry (“an avuncularly donnish form as The Book in comparison with Peter Jones’ deader pan for radio”). And regrets Stephen Moore : “Alan Rickman simply doesn’t do it”. Martin Hoyle concludes his critics saying that Douglas would have been “pleased at the respect shown to his barmy brainchild”.

There is also a good review on the World of KJ website. And you can find a list of other reviews here thanks to the Movie Review Query Engine here. You’ll find some very enthusiastic movies from Movie vault, good but more critical reviews Hollywood Reporter,… You can also read this review from an Australian website Falling rocks (thanks to Fraser for this one).


It’s online now for several weeks, but if you’ve still not seen it here is the BBC mini website about the movie.