The DVD has been released today in UK, celebrated with a special event at the First floor of the Virgin Megastore 14 – 19 Oxford St London W1D 1AR – Robbie Stamp, Warwick Davis and Martin Freeman are here to sign copies of the DVD from 16h GMT.

There are 20, 000 numbered special edition boxed set DVDs released in UK. Let’s remember that it’s a 2 DVD set. One DVD contains the movie (with a few extras, deleted scenes, a short making of, and the audio commentaries) and the other DVD contains the already famous “Don’t Crash” documentary.
I’ve watched the whole stuff and I must say it’ s good even if it’s too short. I would have loved a four DVD set but it’s no the case. The audio commentaries are nice and fun, but the best part is the “Don’t crash” documentary which is fun and informative. Very different from the usual making ofs (well, you’ve got one of those on the first DVD). The two deleted scenes are very short but rather nice. No alternate ending. Garth Jennings said several times that he made the movie he wanted so he hasn’t got much deleted scenes to show. The “really deleted scenes” include two fun clips created for the DVD. Marvin’s hangman is a simple and well designed hangman game. Anyway the better part is of course the movie and it’s really nice to see it on your TV or computer screen with great quality vid and audio. The DVD is obviously a must have for the fans.

Here are three extracts from the “Don’t crash” documentary in high quality and mov file (quicktime needed) :

Zaphod’s head The Slapstick The Improbability drive

We’ve got also great news from Duke “has just recieved a mail from Garth Jennings, and we’re all in for a treat on Wednesday, September 7, as he will press down his butt in our comfy VIP chair in the VIP Chatroom. If you want to join in on the occasion, log in to the chat from on Wedensday, at 9 pm UK time (8 GMT)!