Very far away from Douglas Adams well known craft for missing deadlines, it seems that irish writer Eoin Colfer will finish Hitchhiker’ guide to the galaxy sixth part in time. “And another thing” should be finished at the begining of february and published as expected in october. In his hoopy new year video message, Eoin Colfer speaks mostly about Hitchhikers. He shows his christmas present to the camera, a nice little towel with the “penguin logo” (the new Hitchhikers publisher) and the phrase “a hoopy frood always knows where his towel is”. He seems a bit worried about the “controversial” sixth Hitchhikers book. “Some people are going to burn it in their fireplace”, he says, “but you know there’s not much I can do about that. All I can do is write the best book that I know how to write, that is in equal parts reverential towards the brilliance genius of Douglas Adams but also an other part of it will be just me. So I’m going to bring my own brand of humour and fast pacing and adventure to it… But in these books there are no rules. Everything can happen, absolutely everything… So I’ve been working on that for the last six monts and I hope to finish it by the begining of februrary I hope. And I jsut gonna have to sit back nervously and see what everybody thinks. So if I can convert 80% of the people, you know that’s not going too bad…”. Watch Eoin Colfer hoopy new year message