We had to wait a little, but now you can listen again to the first episode broadcasted last thursday on Radio 4′ Hitchhiker website.

And you can even listen to the first episode in 5.1 surround sound ! And you can choose the player you want to use : real player or windows media player. That’s great news if you have some 5.1 audio speakers plugged to your computer. But anyway, i think the sound should be better than with the stereo version. It’s well worth a try if you’ve got a fast internet connection.

If you haven’t heard the new radio series, let’s say that this first episode is great, even if the action suffers from the fact that our favourite characters are all scattered around the universe. It’s quite an emotion to hear this good old voices and even Peter Jones, the original narrator voice who sadly passed away. The new actors are wonderfull too : William Franklyn (the new narrator) Roger Gregg (Eddie), Andy Taylor (the Mattress)

The tertiary phase will be avalaible on cds and tapes the 25th october. On BBC shop you can pre-order them and see the CD artwork.

On the Radio 4 websites you’ll find two competions : the Guide Entry Competition and the Picture Adventure game Competition. In this last competition, you can win a part in a recording for the next series and a script signed by the cast!! Sadly, as usual with the BBC, both competitions are “open to UK residents only. Overseas entries will not be considered”.