The first Hitchhiker’s movie teaser has been shown at the comic-con convention in San Diego this Friday. It has been shown with Pixar’s “The Incredible”. According to Travis Averey, one of the lucky bast****, who was kind enough to send me an email, Disney “gave (them) a DVD with the trailer on it and also a towel” ! Some got a poster! Lucky ones! These three items are already collectors. I really wish I had been in san Diego this Friday. Damn! But if you’re a hardcore fan, you can always try Ebay. MJ Simpson spotted some of them on sale. Beware. Prices can rise very fast!

Here is a pic of the towel plus dvd the lucky ones got in San Diego ! (Note from Travis : “the towel isn’t very impressive. It’s more of a washcloth, but I wouldn’t give it up if, well, the world ended.”) :

Here is a poster :

And here is a pic from the teaser :

Travis did put an avi file on his webiste but due to heavy trafic, he had to stop. Now you can download it from my website (avi) or here (real media) !

Just watch it and you’ll really understand what the word “cool” means! Just a word to finish : Some websites keep saying that the movie is due in theatres on June 3, 2005. Let’s just say the h2g2 movie release date has not been decided yet. Of course it will be in summer 2005, but we can’t say much more right now.