I received some days ago the last issue of “Mostly Harmless”, the magazine of ZZ9, the official Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Aprreciation Society. I wanted to tell you that as usual there is some really good stuff inside. MJ Simpson has written a long article about his visit to Elstree studios. He also made an interesting interview with Derek Evans, who is executive producer of the movie and Executive vice president of Spyglass Entertainment.

Otherwise, there are also some good non movie news : some sound info about “the h2g2 25th aniversary deluxe edition” (release 1st october) and the complete rundown of everthing that’s on the BBC-three CDs set “Douglas Adams at the BBC” (release in september).

There is also the sequel of a big interview with Dirk Maggs, the director of the third radio series that will be broadcasted on Radio 4 from 21st september. If you want to know more about the third radio series (and the upcoming fourth and five radio series too) you can go on this page . You can even download a video preview thanks to Kevin Davies (you know him, it’s the man who made the tv series’ making of, and he was alsor Art Director of the Illustrated h2g2).

But well if I’ve go an advise for you, it’s just : BECOME A ZZ9er! You’ll get “Mostly harmless” plus you will gain access to some nice exclusive merchandise! (t-shirts, the towel, the world (in)famous Beelebears,…)


In a few hours, I will take the Eurostar train to go to London. And the 16th, I’ll go to Elstree studios to visit the movie set!! I’ll share this incredible moment with two great guys : Nick Webb (author of the “Wish You Were Here. The Official Biography of Douglas Adams”) and Jenz from “www.douglasadams.se“. Of course, I will publish a report on this site as soon as I can. I’ll come back at home on the 19th (day of my 33th birthday), so don’t expect an update on this site before!