As you all know, the movie will open on the movie screens in UK, US, Australia and New Zealand at the end of April, and afterwards all over the world in the following weeks and months. For this movie, the guys at Disney chose to communicate a lot on Internet to create some buzz around the movie. During the last weeks, they have made an Internet trailer and they have launched great versions of the US and UK official websites.

Now, they show online a great interactive version of the Book only on yahoo! Movies. Lucky bastards! Anyway, this flash version of the Hichhiker’s Guide is great and will provide you a lot of fun. You will be able to enjoy some (too short) extracts of the Guide read by Stephen Fry voice, and see some of the graphics made by Shynola for the guide entries.

So come on, I know you can’t wait anymore CLICK HERE


It’s a little late to announce that, but I just spotted the news on MJ Simpson’s Planet Magrathea! Robbie Stamp will be taking part in an online chat Wednesday the 30th for the australian website The chat will begin at 4 PM Australian Est. The Hitchhiker’s guide chat page will become active thirty minutes before to allow people to begin entering their questions


Still according to the Big MJ, Empire features a six pages article about the Hitchhiker’s movie which is one of the biggest article printed till now about the Hitchhiker’s movie.