Ok, some of you may be disapointed by this news (“What? there won’t be an other Hitchhiker game?? But i’m waiting since 1985”) but others will be very please to know that, according to Wired.com, Hothead Games is working on an Hitchhiker app for Iphone and Ipad, involving Simon Jones (Yes! Arthur Dent himself!) that “will, essentially, be your own copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — the device from the stories, not the stories themselves. “

“I mean, you can pull up Wikipedia on your smartphone, but will it tell you about the Babel Fish or the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal? Well, OK, of course it will, because it’s largely written by geeks. But will it tell you about them with cartoons on a soothing green background and tell you about them aloud in Simon Jones’s voice? I think not. “

“The app will be all about the Hitchhiker’s universe, as though you really were using the Guide. Like the Star Trek PADD app that came out recently for iOS, the Hitchhiker’s app will be somewhat interactive, but will not go so far as to be a game. That’s despite the fact that the company that’s producing it, Hothead Games, is (as its name would subtly suggest) primarily a maker of games.”

Of course I still wish they make a new computer adventure game from Hitchhiker, but this is great news too. Many tried along the year to make their own Hitchhiker book using a mobile device and wikipedia (see this example : http://io9.com/389983/now-you-can-have-the-real-hitchhikers-guide-to-the-galaxy), but even if wikipedia is often “apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate,” it is certainly not as funy as the real Guide.

According to an other site, the Application will be ready “this fall. The price will be $0, and it appears as if future entires will be paid downloads”.  I’m not great fan of additional paid downloads, as it can rapidly become a lot more expensive that what you would have wished to pay for the application. It means also that the free content could be quite limited, and some additional content would be produced only if people are willing to pay for it. If you’ve got to pay for each entry of the guide you would like to see it would be quickly annoying. Even if it would be quite funny (ir you’re a masochist) to pay 0,79 euros for the entry about the planet earth !

Well, anyway, i’m a  bit masochist, and I can’t wait to install the app on my ipad. I already bought my Don’t Panic Ipad case  and installed my don’t panic wallpaper. Come  on guys, i’m ready !!