The H2G2 live team will be back for a one of saturday 29th March at the BBC Radio Theatre in London. The original cast will be back including Mark Wing Davey (Zaphod) and Stephen Moore (Marvin). The voice of the book will be this time played by the original producer of the radio series John Lloyd.

The event will take place at 10 am and should be broadcast live on Radio 4.

Tickets to participate to the event are free but the BBC has decided organize a random draw for tickets to keep it fair. You can register for tickets at any time until Thursday 13 March at 4pm.

Here is a message from director Dirk Maggs published on Faceboook : “We are reuniting at the request of the BBC for a one-off show in London’s Broadcasting House Radio Theatre. It will be performed and broadcast live on Radio 4 on the morning of Saturday March 29th. It is part of the network’s “Character Invasion Day” and will be a shorter version of the touring show featuring the original cast, with Mark Wing-Davey returning as Zaphod and Stephen Moore in person as Marvin. Tickets are free but limited in number and allocated at the website below. We’re really looking forward to it and hope you can catch the show live in the Radio Theatre or Live On Air. Either way, don’t forget your towel!”

If you want to apply for a ticket, visit :