J Simpson got the news that, during the San Diego Comic Con, a company called NECA got the licence to produce action figures and collectables based on the Hitchhiker’s movie characters and designs. According to ICV2.com they’ve been told by a NECA official that the “company was producing action figures and vehicles along with a range of other collectibles, which could include statues and props, though the complete program has not yet been finalized”. I hope to bring you more infos about this soon.

NECA (The National Entertainment Collectibles Association) has already worked for a lot of big movies like “lord of the rings”, “Spiderman”, “pirates of Caribbean”, “Kill Bill”, “the nighmare before Christmas”. It was founded in 1997 to manufacture high quality licensed collectibles. Over the past 5 years NECA has evolved into a major manufacturer with over 60 licenses from the worlds of sports, music, television, and film. Everything from retro style tin lunchboxes, resin bobbing heads, snow globes, and action figures.


As you all know, we’ve got already an official movie teaser. But Kevin, convinced that it should be an animated movie, has made a funny cartoon movie trailer. In his “dream theater”, you will find parodic versions of Peter Jackson’s gore movie “Bade taste 2”, “Casablanca 2025”, “the lord of the bings”, “The binch”, “Pokemon Evil Dead”… and many others !