As you already know, each country has his own release date for the movie and it’s quite difficult to have the box office results for non US countries (and there are a lot of them!!!).

 The Hitchhiker’s movie has been released in Germany three weeks ago, and it’s still second just behind “Batman begins” and ahead of “Star Wars III”. It has grossed more than 5 million dollars.

The H2G2 movie has got some not very good box office results in Brazil (fifth in the second week and it started just in the fourth place when it opened) but it is second in Slovakia (last week it was first).
You can’t get much accurante infos about international charts on BoxOffice mojo but they report the movie has grossed 86,45 millions worldwide.

There are still a lot of openings in August in Europe (France, Norway,….) and all over the world (Japan…).

Meanwhile, in september the DVD will be released in UK and US. The UK version will be in shops from the 5th September. I personnaly don’t like at all the DVD cover (hope they will change this one) but the good point is that it will include the movie (!!) and some extra. According to : “The two-disc set will feature a UK exclusive ‘Don’t Crash: The Making of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ featurette, behind the scenes interviews from the cast and crew, a ‘Babelfish Guide Entry’ feature, deleted scenes, ‘really’ deleted scenes, a ‘So Long & Thanks for All the Fish’ sing-along feature, audio commentaries and ‘Marvin’s Hangman’ set-top game”.

The region 1 DVD for US and Canada will be released the 13th September. The cover is far better but we have still no information about the extra material. According to Digitalbits “We’ve learned that Touchstone’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (due on 9/13) will include deleted scenes, a commentary track and a “making-of” featurette. We’re guessing you can expect a more elaborate special edition at a later date. At least one would certainly hope. By the way, the film will street on UMD format on 9/13 as well”. UMD disc is the PlayStation Portable (PSP) video system.