As you probably already know The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show, Live! will tour the UK from the 8th June to the 21th July. A special event with all the main actors from the original cast (Simon Jones, Geoff McGivern,…). The great Peter Jones, who was the voice of the book, won’t be able to attend, being dead for now more than ten years. Dirk Maggs, director of the show, solves the issue in an original way : Each show will feature a special guest as the Voice of the Book.
Three names have been already confirmed. Billy Boyd has been confirmed as the first guest Voice of the Book, appearing in Glasgow on both 8th and 9th June. John Lloyd, is voice-of-the-book for the Cambridge dates (16 and 17th July) and Neil Gaiman will be the guest Voice of the Book for the final tour date in Edinburgh on 21st July.
For more informations (and a list of all dates), check the official website :