Deep Thought will be finally played by a woman. So no deep voice for the second most intelligent computer in the Universe. Fans of the TV and Radio series will maybe be quite upset by the news. But anyway the great news is that it’s the english actress Helen Mirren who got the part. Helen is a big movie star and a very talented actress. She has played in many american and english movies (like “Gosford park”, “the Mosquito Coast”, “2010”, “Excalibur”…) and many TV series.

There is also a new unofficial website about the movie. Now an american guy Jake Russell is going to launch his own website the 20th March. Right now it’s difficult to tell how good his website will be but it is promising even if there are maybe too many links right now to actual things on other websites. But his site is still under construction so Wait and see. If you want infos about the movie you can also check the official website of course, but also the excellent Planet Magrathea (run by MJ Simpson) and, an excellent website about Douglas run by sweedish fan Jenz. You can also check of course imdb. And if you speak sweedish, Totta, an other sweedish fan, made an excellent one (in sweedish only sadly for the non sweedish guys including me).