“With other out-of-this-world entertainment throughout the day – including special free screenings of the Hitchhiker’s series in The Clore Ballroom – this is one event no self-respecting lover of classic British comedy will want to miss.

Day pass £32.50 when you book tickets to all events.”

– Photo call – Riverside Terrace 11.30 AM Admission free

Start the day at a photocall of the largest number of Hitchhiker’s fans ever. Remember to wear your dressing gown and bring along a towel.

– Session 1: The Douglas Adams Chat Show Royal Festival Hall 12.30 PM – £12.50

A full panel of Hitchhiker’s experts and friends of Douglas Adams discusses the great man and his work.

– Booksigning The Clore Ballroom 1.30 PM Admission free

Mega-signing of the fantastic new edition of the first five Hitchhiker’s novels.

– Sessions 2 & 3 (And Another Thing… & Hitchhikers Live On Stage!) Royal Festival Hall 3 PM – £25

Session 2 – And Another Thing…
Eoin Colfer, bestselling author of Artemis Fowl, gives an exclusive reading from his new Hitchhiker’s novel – the sixth book in the series. Introduced by Ireland’s multi-platinum selling band The Blizzards, playing their single inspired by And Another Thing…

Session 3 – Hitchhikers Live On Stage!
Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Marvin The Paranoid Android and Trillian are set to appear in person – Improbability Drive permitting – along with intergalactic plutonium rock band Disaster Area, to recreate classic moments from the saga, joined by special guests including Eoin Colfer.

– Booksigning: Eoin Colfer – The Clore Ballroom 5.45pm – Admission free

Buy the new sixth book in the series a day before everyone else and get it signed by Eoin Colfer.”

You can book here on Southbank center website