It seems that the hitchhiker’s movie is doing well for its opening week-end in the US. I found two different websites which claims that the Hitchhikers is now first in the US box office and would finish its opening week-end with $22 million dollars… far better than its opponent XXX 2.According to Box office prophets which analyses the results of the opening day Friday = “A $8.1 million opening night is a very good start for the Douglas Adams adaptation. The only caveat here is that it’s a film with a small, but loyal, built-in fanbase and that could severely impact the internal multiplier over the remainder of the weekend (sorry, a 4.2 multiplier is not terribly likely). We’ll give Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a conservative 2.7 multiplier and a $21.8 million weekend.”

Here are their projected estimates for the top ten :

1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 21.8
2. The Interpreter 15.6
3. XXX: The State of the Union 11.2
4. The Amityville Horror 7.8
5. Sahara 5.7
6. A Lot Like Love 4.9
7. Fever Pitch 3.4
8. Kung Fu Hustle 2.9
9. Guess Who 2.2
10 Sin City 2.0

UPDATE : AND THEY WERE RIGHT!!! The Hitchhiker’s movie is right at the top of the US box office with a cumulative gross of 21,7 millions dollars. The Interpreter is second with 14,2 millions dollars, and XXX2 is only third with 13,7 millions!

If you’ve already seen the movie and it wouldn’t be a surprise now that the movie is in the movie theatres in US, UK and other countries like Australia, you certainly want to share your point of view about it.

You can vote for the Hitchhiker’s movie on several websites : IMDB, Yahoo, and The Guardian. You can also post on this forum and others. Notice that the Hitchhiker’s movie is rated B- by the critics and B by the users on Yahoo (the user note is based on 1700 votes). And the Hitchhiker’s guide was the web favourite on yahoo at 4 o’clock GMT on saturday. Meanwhile, The Hitchhiker’s movie was rated 7.4/10 on IMDB (for 988 votes). Finally on the Guardian website, the movie is rated 8.7/10 (400 votes).

Of course you can now find a lot of reviews online. Fraser, from the australian website from Fallingrocks, has even published an answer to the now famous MJ Simpson critics. You can read it here.