Some original props from the film including Arthur’s towel are now up for sale on ebay with all proceeds split between Save The Rhino International and The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund… Click on this link to have a look and a bid if you fancy it!! 


In UK, the film zooms also to top box office. And it has grossed £4.2m in its opening weekend. According to the Guardian, a spokesman for Buena Vista said the £4.2m figure was “a delightfully improbable coincidence” (and you can also notice that the US box office result for the first week end 21 millions dollars is also half of 42)!!

Reuters spoke of “2.8 million pounds over the weekend in Britain” but maybe for Reuters and Guardian the week end didn’t end at the same time! Far better anyway than XXX2 (less than 1 million pounds in the week end).

It seems that Antipodeans share Britons’ sense of humor and lapped up Hitchhikers. In Australia audiences handed over $2.1 million, more than double “XXX’s” $920,000 (No. 2). In New Zealand director Garth Jennings’ absurdist outer space comedy made $450,000, more than double “XXX” in the third spot.