We all waited for new pics of the Hitchhiker’s toys and here they are (see big pic below)! Chud.com has published some scan pics of the Hitchhiker’s action figures and plushes! They come from Diamond Previews catalog, and they will be available in april.

You have first a set of 5 figures (6”). We already knew about Marvin and Arthur Dent. We discover now Zaphod, Jeltz and Kwaltz (two Vogons)! These are the first Vogon pics you see. They have been created by the famous Henson creature shop who also made Marvin. They are incredibly good, and if you touched and saw some full scale Vogon like I did this summer you would understand even more that they are really perfect. But I think you will agree anyway even with just this toys pics.
Zaphod has a second head but it is hidden in his beard ! I think that the action figure will have the second head too even if it’s not obvious in the pic here. The action figures have accessories. This action figures are described as series 1. So we can expect some more !

You will be able to buy too a 10” roto action figure of Marvin. It features light-up eyes and a poseable body.

We have also a set of five 8 plushes of all our heroes : Ford, Arthur, Marvin, Zaphod and Trillian. They are quite cute. They are desribed too as being the series 1. So maybe we’ll got too 8 plushes representing the Vogons !!!

But it is not finished yet. The catalog shows also the now famous Vogons’ desk prop replicas and more interesting “Marvin’s gun”, certainly in fact the famous Point of View Gun.
PS : many thanks to Futtbuck who sent me the pics which have been unvailable during several hours on chud.com website !