As MJ Simpson revealed some days ago, the 19th june “a hymn was recorded for the Hitchhiker’s movie soundtrack, to be sung by followers of the missionary Humma Kavula. It was recorded in St Michael’s Church, Highgate, London (interestingly, not far from where Douglas Adams’ ashes are interred) by a 500-strong choir of non-professional singers – the intention being to sound like a congregation rather than a professional choir… The hymn was written by Joby Talbot from The Divine Comedy who also writes the music for The League of Gentlemen as well as being a respected classical composer.”

And on ebay, a copy of the song has been sold. It has already reached 24 hours before the end of the auction, an amount of around 38 dollars/euros, and had finished at 56 dollars/euros. Not bad for a single leaf of paper!

Here is the text you can read on the auction page. Sadly no picture avalaible!

“19th June 2004 in a church in Highbury, London.

“Humma’s Hymn” was recorded for the movie of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy by a congregatioon of church goers and Hitch Hikers fans. The hymn will be used in the movie and on the soundtrack. And this is a hymnsheet from that event. With notation and lyrics, it’s a traditional-style hymn from the Jatravartids, to their great creator Arkleseizure, who sneezed the universe out of a nostril.

The only copies of these were available to the congregation on that day. Most were crumpled and scrumpled in the performance, this is a clean flat version.

Here’s a lyrical snippet.

Through empty void & vacuum your mighty sneeze was blown
And from it’s far-flung remnants the universe was grown

This bound-to-be-incredibly-sought-after movie souvenir ships worldwide. Shipping is £1.50 for the UK, £2 for Europe, £3 for the USA. Payment with Paypal is accepted , as is cash and UK cheques.”