The French Premiere will take place Friday the 5th August at “Le Grand Rex” movie theatre in Paris on french biggest movie screen. And we’ll get some incredible guests : Garth Jennings Nick Goldsmith and Robbie Stamp!! The movie will be shown in english with french subtitles. There should be a little exposition and some merchandising stuff to win also.
There is currently an oculas on sale on ebay. Disney produced 50 of these items. Most of them are still used in several countries to promote the movie in theatres. You can go inside, use the computer and see the trailer and get some infos about the movie. The auction began at 799 pounds and two days later the price was already 1751 pounds, so you’d better have a good amount of money on your bank account if you want to buy this one.
As you may know, in April 2005 Starwave Mobile released 2 mobile games to accompany the release of the film adaptation. The first, developed by Atatio, was called “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Vogon Planet Destructor”. It was a typical top-down shooter and except for the title had little to do with the actual story. The second game, developed by TKO Software, was a graphical adventure game named “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Adventure Game” . Despite its name the puzzles were new and different from the Infocom ones and the game followed the movie’s script closely and included the new characters and places. The “Adventure Game” won the IGN’s “Editors’ Choice Award” on May 2005. But we don’t have much more infos, and these games don’t seem to be avalaible anymore. If you have more info, you can get in touch with me.