‘ve learnt today, according to executive producer Robbie Stamp, that Jim Henson’s Creature shop, is working on Vogons’ design too. Let’s remember that they are also in charge of Marvin’s design.
That’s great news because Jim Henson’s creature shop is a huge thing well known for their talent. John Stephenson, creative Supervisor and Executive Vice President, “has been the creative head of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop since its beginning. Hired by Jim Henson in 1984, he has supervised countless projects and has been instrumental in building its reputation as one of the most respected and internationally renowned special and visual effects houses in the world. His devotion to research in both animatronics and computer animation has resulted in the success of many films such as 101 Dalmatians, Babe, Lost in Space and Animal Farm- which he also directed. In 2000, John was awarded an O.B.E. for his contribution to the British film industry.”

And let’s remember that the original ideas come from Hammer & Tongs, and that we can hope something great for the Vogons. In the interview we made last october, Robbie Stamp told me that “the basic idea (from H&T) for the design of the Vogons was so clever and such a great imaginative leap. As soon as I saw some of the early conceptual drawings I just knew this was in safe hands. They have that creative drive and energy which is making the steak sizzle!”

Jim Henson’s creature shop website