MJ “eagle eyes” Simpson has spotted (on Save the Rhino’s website) the movie’s World Premiere date which will be the 20th April in London. So, let’s face the horrible truth, some lucky ones will be able to see the movie nine days before everybody else.

Buena Vista and Easy Jet have launch a contest for the UK Students. The winners will get tickets to the UK premiere and an EasyJet Freedom Passes. Of course you will have to do something to win these prices. Your challenge as a team (a guy and a girl) will be to Hitchhike back to the UK from a mistery European destination with only £100 and a pair of pyjamas ! My gosh, poor UK Students! The rules don’t tell if they will be alowed to bring their towels, and it seems that dressing gowns are definitly not allowed.

On the other side of the galaxy, executive producer Robbie Stamp is still touring the universe to talk about Hitchhikers. Robbie Stamp will be in Belgium the 17th March (for the Brussels International Fantasy Film) and in Melbourne, Australia, the 29th March.

Zaphod Breeblebrox’ presidential campaign site announced some days ago that the real Zaphod (not the fake one played by Sam Rockwell !) could appear in Melbourne with Robbie Stamp.