Jamie Freeman, Martin’s brother, is web designer and has made his brother’s official website. He is also a true h2g2 fan, so he has opened a h2g2 section on Martin’s website with some news. He also anounced he was working on a little silly online game, and that he soon going to visit the h2g2 movie set. Well, some guys have all the luck!

And now he wrote a quite detailed review of his visit, and has put online the long awaited h2g2 game.
I’ll let you discover the first h2g2 movie game by yourself. It’s a quite funny little thing. Regarding Jamie’s text, let’s say he spent a whole afternoon last week on the Lucas sound stage at Elstree studios, with such guides as Nick Goldsmith (the producing head of Hammer & Tongs) . According to Jamie, everything is “jaw-dropping” from the Heart of Gold design to Zaphod’s second head, without forgeting the ugly vogons! Jamie had also the luck to talk a lot with Warwick Davis (Marvin) “a gent”, and he met Sam Rockwell (Zaphod) “a charming, funny man”, and also (briefly) Mos Def (Ford) who seems to “get on really well” with Martin.

He also saw Zooey Deschanel (Trillian) at work (she’s “fantastic on screen”) and saw Garth Jenning’s directing her : “Every take is different, always some variation in inflection, timing or expression. It means the director will end up with half a dozen different takes to choose from when it’s time to edit, rather than 6 identical ones”.

All the actors seem to be perfect in their parts : “I saw a bit of video playback with Mos as Ford Prefect with Zaphod and Arthur and I must say they looked great together. “

There’s a lot more informations in Jamie’s text so go to Martin’s official website now.
Check out the h2g2 section on Martin’s official website : IT’S HERE