“Mostly Harmless” is ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha’s quarterly magazine (ZZ9 is the offical DNA and H2G2 fan club). Issue 114 has just been sent to ZZ9 members. If you’re not a ZZ9 member, you can join here.

The current edition includes some interesting stuff :

– The first part of a long interview with Eoin Colfer who answers with a lot of details to John Coxon’s questions. In this first part, Eoin talks about the characters (“I think I went for Restaurant and took that kind of stage development… so when I started the book, that’s whre they are and they’re very recognisable as characters from the original series, especially the first two books”), Douglas’ unique style of writing, one-liners, humour, deadlines, sequels, Hitchhiker as a cult (It’s like a mainstream religion rather than a cult. I think there are a few people who might have gotten away with this without the faithful worrying about it, and I’m not one of them”).

– David Haddock and friends try to remember what they were doing 30 years ago when the book was published

– “And another book about the science of Douglas Adams…” by Alexander Pawalk who is busily writing a book called “Die Wissenchaft bei Douglas Adams” (The science of Douglas Adams) which will be published in january 2010

– “Hitchhiker’s and philosophy. Part two : the ethics of entertainment” by Nicholas Joll

– Reviews of “The rough guide to the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, “Dont panic” (5th edition) and two reviews for the first half of “And another thing” (one very positive, and a “could have been better” one)

Let’s remember that as a ZZ9 member, you have access to their merchandise, which include the world famous Beeblebear, a Don’t panic towel, and other fun stuff.

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