Well, I should not take a few days to go on London but I didn’t expect that there will be so many good news. Well, let’s first begin with the biggest one. We’ve now got a very good looking Hitchhiker’s movie poster. It has been posted a few days ago on filmforce website.

This is a rather good looking poster where you can see Arthur and Marvin hitchhiking, a spermwhale, a 42 drawing in the stars and even a small cup of tea (!). Well done! Interesting point, the movie is presented as a Touchstone and Spyglass Entertainment movie. No Disney? Well Touchstone Pictures is a Wall Disney subsidary as Miramax (Pulp Fiction…) and Hollywood movies (Arachnophobia, ).Touchstone was created by Disney in 1983 to introduce movies more aimed at the adult audience (Good morning Vietnam, Pretty Woman, Armageddon, The Alamo…). Spyglass (the Sixth Sense…) remains an independant company I think but works a lot with Disney.


The famous Forbiden Planet shop introduces a 10″ Marvin action figure that will be avalaible from next april. You can already pre-order for a rather good price of £17.99.


The three main actors from the infamous English TV series “League of Gentlemen” have recorded Vogon’s voices from the movie. The League of Gentlemen are Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson. Steve Pemberton is also playing Prosser part, and let’s remember too that The League composer Joby Talbot is making the music for the movie !

In an interview, Mark Gatiss (who is also writing on the new Doctor Who) has this to say;

T: Now, what are the other guys doing in all of this down time? I know Steve has been involved with Blackpool and has a small part in “the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy”.
M: That‚s right, yes. In fact we did some voices, all three of us did some voices for the Vogons in Hitch Hikers.
T: Oh, really? Oh, that‚s excellent.
M: I got to say “Resistance is useless!”
T: Oh, man, I am such a fan of those. That would have me tripping out for days if I got to do something like that.
M: It’s fucking fantastic. It‚s very European. I thought it would be somehow Disneyfied but it looks really sort of dirty.
T: I’m really pleased with what I‚ve seen of the visuals so far.”

(Thanks to Michael Spence for this info)