Here’s a chance to watch the HHGG premiere – not the film itself unfortunately 😉 – from the comfort of your own computer. Action from the red carpet at the Hitchhiker’s World Premiere will be here: from 18:15 this Wednesday 20th.


It’s very sad but MJ Simpson has decided to shut down his Planet Magrathea website : “As of today I have decided to just say ‘sod it’ and pack the whole thing in. This is partly because I have recently been adding ten or more news items every day and it is becoming too much hassle. It is also partly because I have for some time been fed up with the negative attitude of the Douglas Adams estate who for four years have been happy to make money from projects that I have worked on or even initiated but have otherwise been thoroughly unhelpful and antagonistic towards me…. Now I have a similar antagonism from Disney/BVI who, it seems, are unable to accept negative criticism of their product. And my views on the quality of the product they have created do not need repeating here.”

He has also decided to stop writing about Hitchhikers : “I may occasionally lurk on Hitchhiker’s Guide-related sites or forums if I’m bored, but as of now I will never write another word, in print or on-line, about Douglas Adams or The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”
it’s a very sad decision and I really hope he will change his mind.

Of course, we’ll miss such an important source of information online about Douglas and Hitchhikers. But making his own website requires a lot of work, and we all have lives outside of Hitchhikers.
Jake Russel “has announced that will be taking over as best as possible for the recently deceased Planet Magrathea”. Good luck for him.


Here is a good and long article talking about H2G2 and its box office potential, the pros and cons of the movie, and how it may fare in the US market (OFFLINE now sorry).

You can also read my own analysis on this blog (28th March 05 entry), that I wrote some weeks ago but it’s not as good.