Yestderday evening it was the world premiere of the Hitchhiker’s movie. Some fans have been lucky enought to sand outside the movie theatre in London. Other ones like me only tried to watch the thing online, but with not much success in my case. Indeed they chose a windows media player streaming and it was not compatible with the last mac windows player version!!

Johnatan Cobb posted a link on the DAC forum with a lot of great pictures from the movie premiere. Getty Images took also some great pictures you can see on their website here. And Dave H has posted still on the DAC a long and very detailed report of the movie premiere. He has even been to the party afterwards with Kevin John Davies. Lucky bastards! I’m depressed now! well, anyway it is here


Movieweb features three new clips from the movie. One with Humma Kavula, an other one with Zaphod watching a tv spot about himself, and a last one where we see Marvin picking up two Hitchhikers. You can find them here. Look in the Video Spotlight section.