Neca has just released its first line of h2g2 movie merchandising and it’s a great Vogon Desk set ! Theses are “Authentic Prop replicas! Limited to 1000 hand numbered pieces, each piece comes with a certificate signed by both the director and producer of the forthcoming “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” movie”. There are three pieces : an Oversized Vogon Mug, a Vogon Pen and Stand and a Vogon Stapler !Cost on each item is $50. You can get a set with matching #’s for $150.

Note that items are ready to ship only in early February. But if you want one, you’d better buy it now before it’s too late.

These objects are not new to me as I saw them when I visited the movie set this summer. They are designed in the same way that the Vogon spaceship and would be quite beautiful here on my desk. But I’m dreaming… 😉

It’s part of yahoo store and it seems to work perfectly now : …. BUT, sadly, it really seems that just the US citizens can order : “Currently only orders can be accepted or shipped within the United States”.

Oh and the guys at Aintitcool had the luck to have one set for a competition (they may have a good friend at Disney – noone offered me one set yet !). The winner will get set number 42 ! All you have to do is to write the best Vogon poem !!

Thanks to Steveo214 for the news !

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